Call for proposals


We are looking for papers related to any aspect of the open source domain, built for various skill levels, beginner to advanced. Open Source Camp is a conference that fits all perspectives and interests and we would like to hear about your experience.

Presenting at OSCamp

We will accept a variety of presentations, from reports on academic related work and case studies to applications, tutorials (only for workshops) and tools. As long as the presentation is interesting and brings something new to the open source community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program.

There are two kinds of contributions that you can present:

  • Talk on conference:
    • 15 minutes (6 slots)
    • 30 minutes (10 slots)
    • 45 minutes (4 slots)

    These are allocated depending on your preference and scheduling constraints. At the end of the talk there will be a Q&A session.

  • Workshop

    These session must follow a topic related to open source technologies and tools and can be variable in their lenght.

Do you want to share something of your work? Would you like to share your knowledge? If so, please send us an email to [email protected] .

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