First steps


Sometimes, to do great things, you need some inspiration. You need great people to give you that one spark that will make you conceive a great idea and build upon it until it grows beyond measure. And other times, you just need some support. But what happens when you receive both from some awesome founders?

Open Source @Iași

Open Source Camp isn’t an event without history. Although its concept is a little different from its successor, OSCamp is based upon the idea launched by Sabin Buraga and Andreea Popescu in 2014 called Open Source Iași (OSI). The event was hosted in Iași, Romania, but its target was only the local developer scene, gathering about 100 participants in a 10 hours event that covered, through multiple speakers, Open Source technologies and their impact.


The event was the first of its kind in this part of Romania and it had quite the success.

So, you could say Open Source Camp has a history and isn’t just a new event built by some enthusiastic student, but an event that has a good brick to stand on. This year, with the help of the original team, we take our aim to overcome the accomplishments of the previous event, taking our event to a national level and hopefully gathering more than 300 students and developers to a 2 day meetup for tech talks. And to pump it all up, we are offering workshops for multiple skill levels and a hackathon with some awesome goodies for the winners.

Now, for you beautiful people reading this, we really hope you’ll support us in our initiative and through us, the Open Source community of Romania. And of course, we can’t wait for you to join (c’mon, we have cookies, we promise).

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