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Finally, the step we've been waiting for has been taken by a large amount of tech industry giants and important figures. From the beginning of the IT industry, the Open Source trend has been an element of geek legends, but the myth becomes reality in a push of the industry towards greater grounds. In our enthusiasm, we want to share the beautiful things this old taboo subject has to offer in the software industry, with the help, of course, of great minds with state of the art skills. So we hope you'll give us the chance to impress in our Open Source Camp hosted in Ipotești, Romania this year. Join us for tech talks, workshops and an awesome CTF that will keep you up in excitement with a variety of specially crafted challenges and prizes.

OSCamp Core

  • Core

    OSCamp Board Member

Sabin Buraga

Associate Professor, PhD @FII, UAIC Iași
  • Core

    OSCamp Board Member

  • Logistics

    Logistics Leader

  • PR

    Public Relations Leader

Teona Rusu

  • Core

    OSCamp Board Member

  • Technical

    Technical Leader

Alexandru Coman

Cloud Engineer @Cloudbase
  • Core

    OSCamp Board Member

Andrei Avădănei

President & Founder at Cyber Security Research Center


  • Technical

    Technical Member

Alexandru Cîtea

Student @FII, UAIC Iași
  • Graphic

    Digital artists Leader

Alina Asandei

Graphic Designer

Dragoș Acostachioaie

System Administrator @Biosfarm

Răzvan Deaconescu


This is just a spark of the many amazing people (random order) that helped us or are still helping every year so OSCamp can happen.
Teofil Cojocariu, Ingrid Stoleru, Carmen Lăscoiu and Luiza Bubatu.